The supreme master of Beethoven variations

Was Dudley Moore.

Taking the theme of ‘Hitler’s only got one…’


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  • I remember Martin Lovett saying that when it was suggested that Dudley Moore play with the Amadeus Quartet, he refused the idea and later regretted it. RIP.

  • Oh, yes, I was introduced to this [mumble mumble] decades ago and it’s still one of the most brilliant things ever. I even have a colleague who used it as a classroom illustration of sonata form (yeah, yeah, it’s missing the recap and goes straight to the coda, bfd).

    • Yes, and it’s a pity that Britten took such offence. He should have been honoured.
      Every time I watch Moore perform it, I think that a parody of such quality can only spring from a deep love and understanding of the original.

  • If you can also post the video of him doing “little Miss Muffett….” in th style of Britten and Pears that will also light up a dull day

    • Indeed, Moore was a man of extraordinary talent who would have been woefully underappreciated among the banality of today’s comedy circuit.
      You cannot present a mass audience with a parody of Beethoven or Britten when most of them are unfamiliar with the originals.

  • The tune is Colonel Bogey, a military march.
    The fact that somebody composed some cheeky words to it about Hitler and his mates is irrelevant to the clip.

    • Not about being better! Dudley Moore is only known by so many in Britain as a comedian with Peter Cook. His pianistic skills were never seen. Victor Borge is someone else.

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