The Slipped Disc Daily comfort zone (36): Jules et Jim

A formative film for my generation, one of the simplest and most organic ever made by Francois Truffaut. And with the most evocative soundtrack and a surprisingly well-sung theme song. Sing it again, Moreau.

The trailer

The song

The full suite by Georges Delerue

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  • Thanks for this post. It reminded me of a Fast Show sketch which might also cheer you up? Go on to YouTube and type in “Fast Show – French Art House Film” Enjoy!

  • Thank you. I simply love this film and Jeanne Moreau’s song. And of course the wonderful play and voice of Oscar Werner. My favorite film since more than 50 years.

  • I love the film and I have always been a fan of George Delerue’s music. His scores were often simple and direct and he was wonderful to work for.

    However, I believe the song Le Tourbillon was written by Serge Rezvani. He is primarily known as a writer and painter, but I believe he also played guitar for the vocal tracks on the film.

  • As a child I grew up with this song in early sixties.
    Wonderful lyrics, iconic song, beautifully sung.
    (For the record, Jeanne Moreau’s mother was from Yorkshire).

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