The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (32): Let’s be thankful

An inspirational duet between two of the greatest Hispanic musicians:


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  • There have been many versions of this beautiful song. For context, I think it’s important to note that it was written by the Chilean singer, Violeta Parra, just a few months before she died by suicide.

    • You’re right. It’s actually indissociable with Violeta Parra, becoming an unofficial song of resistance to the junta. Mercedes Sosa’s version(s) are well-known outside of Chile to the point where I was asked if I could buy a recording of her singing it when I was due to go to Santiago a few years ago. I pointed out that it was akin to asking for a Liverpool scarf in the shadow of Old Trafford but agreed to look, all the same. I found a copy but the shopkeeper tried his damnedest to talk me out of it, proffering Violeta Parra versions in its place, reminding me that Sosa was Argentinian, someone who could never do justice to this song in particular, however good she was etc. Violeta Parra was more than just a Chilean singer, a friend of mine over there even named his daughter after her…

      • Thanks for the story and clarification. I used to live in Santiago and was aware that Violeta Parra was more than just a Chilean singer. (Sometimes I’m excessively concise.) I am glad to have the “real” version with Violeta on CD, which I find preferable and was inspired to hear yesterday, thanks to Norman’s post.

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