The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (22): Shulem Lemmer’s Seder night

The closing song of the Passover Seder.

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  • Linda Feldman says:

    I am pleased to learn this video was posted in 2015. #socialdistancing #shelterinplace

    • Dave T says:

      What is the point of this comment? Is it really necessary for one to be a jerk on the eve of this major holiday?

  • so would have loved to hear Shicoff do a Seder….the real thing…

    • fred says:

      absolutely agree, always wondered why he never did any cantorial, he had the real heritage though from his father Sydney Shicoff who is a giant compared to this “pop chazunes” Norman tries to push. The real cantorate is regrettably now a thing of the past….

  • Dave T says:

    Here is a truly unique rendition of the traditional Seder song, Ehad mi Yodea (Who Knows [the number] One), of the Bukharian tradition.

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