The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (17): If we only had love

The original.

The tinsel

The mash

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  • Alexander Tarak says:

    Le Grand Jacques !!!

  • I actually saw this brilliant show a million years ago when there was no pandemic

    • V.Lind says:

      The great Elly Stone. When I was a student, already writing reviews professionally, I was offered comps to a concert of hers. Never heard of her, nor of Brel. From that night on I was a devotee of both. I was lucky enough to see hr several more times in concert. She always sang principally Brel songs, though not exclusively — Alexander’s Song was not Brel — and her encores were usually what she called”songs of my people.” With that voice, she could have sung the phone book and her audience would have been agog.

  • Brel was for the singers what Eddy Merckx was for the cyclists : a national Belgian treasure who had big sucess in France and a legend.

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