Rocco’s glocko just went loco

Latest offering from Rome Opera percussionist extraordinaire Rocco L. Bitondo:

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  • It warms the cockles of this old percussionist’s heart. My former teacher, Vic Firth (Boston Symphony timpanist) used to place a bet with his students: if any one could play this excerpt perfectly, he would buy them a steak dinner. He never had to pay off. It’s not that the part is so very difficult – it’s not – but the pressure to play it was so great that we all screwed it up!

    • Great story, drummerman!
      I studied with two Goodman students, Tony Cirone and Elayne Jones, and Peggy Lucchesi, all members of the San Francisco Symphony. And although Peggy used to feed me gorgeous Italian lunches (I had lessons with her at her home), she never predicated meals on a bet.
      Tony, who is a vegetarian, used to give his students a horrible green “health drink” at home lessons (he lived right down the street from my folks). It tasted like thick liquid grass, and not the good kind of grass, either. It gave this unreconstructed cheeseburger eater the runs.
      Elayne gave me milk and homemade cookies.
      Ah, memories….
      BTW: bravissimo, Signore Bitondo!

  • These videos are awesome.

    Don’t take any of the following as criticizing people who are talented and generous enough to put themselves out there.

    But just a technical note, I really wish people would stop doing facebook embeds and do youtube instead. I constantly have issues with the facebook stuff, doesn’t display properly, issues with airplay, just annoying little stuff. The player never seems to work as well.

    If you publish on facebook, it’s part of their walled garden that doesn’t play nicely with the rest of the internet. Not everyone is on facebook, and a lot of us actively dislike them for their constant lying and privacy issues and they shouldn’t be encouraged.

    Just my 2 cents, Carry on!

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