Exclusive: Musicians Union secretly extends its general secretary

Several members of the MU tell Slipped Disc that they have challenged an Executive Committee decision to grant a three-year extension to the general secretary Horace Trubridge without putting the matter to a members’ vote.

Here is an abridged minute of the EC’s closed meeting in February, published this week. Trubridge’s extension, to his 68th birthday, is being called out by members as a breach of rules.

1.6 The Chair raised the issue of the General Secretary’s term of office. The General
Secretary reported on the position regarding his current term of office, age and any
proposed retirement age and on the legal advice received. The Chair then asked the
Executive Committee if they would like the General Secretary to leave the room
during the debate and it was agreed that there was no requirement for the General
Secretary to leave the room. A debate then took place and at the end of the debate
the Chair asked the Executive Committee whether they would like to defer a decision
on the matter till the March meeting and it was agreed that this was not necessary.
Motion: (cu) “Having regard to Rule VIII of the rules of the Union and the provisions
of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 and to the legal
advice received, the Executive Committee unanimously resolved that the age fixed in
accordance with the rules of the Union for the current General Secretary, Horace
Trubridge, to retire from the position shall be on his 68th birthday, 15th January 2025;
that his term of office shall end on that date; and that in accordance with Rule VIII (1)
of the Union’s rules the terms and conditions of employment and term of office of the
General Secretary shall be amended accordingly; and that the Chair of the Executive
Committee shall write to the General Secretary to this effect and secure his written
acceptance of this variation to his terms and conditions of employment.” 


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