Musical heroes of the Corona crisis

An interim list.

1 Stijn te Hennepe and Mike Schaperclaus of the Rotterdam Philharmonic who made the viral stay-home video.

2 Stephen Hough, who donated his new release to a musician’s charity

3 Soprano Milly Forrest who is now working as a hospital porter

4 German culture minister Monika Grütters and conductor Kirill Petrenko who have raised 1 million Euros for needy musicians

5 Tarisio auction house for donating commission to the needy.

6 Danial Kheirikhah for making us laugh.

Add some of your own.

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  • I nominate the musicians of the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra who voluntarily took pay cuts so that extra players and substitutes would receive pay for the cancelled Ring Cycle.

  • For those who say: I don’t really need another set of Beethoven’s concertos but I’ll get it just the same because of this beautiful gesture of Hough.
    One could also just send twenty quid to the charity to which Hough is giving the proceeds. That way the charity gets more.

  • and Tchaikovsky second-place winner Japanese pianist Mao Fujita for his daily concert on his Facebook page.

  • How about you, Norman, for keeping us informed, connected and entertained? Without rehearsals and backstage gossip, we’re relying on you even more!

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