Lockdown at the Kanneh-Mason family

Lockdown at the Kanneh-Mason family


norman lebrecht

April 01, 2020

They have a small chamber orchestra in the house.

Message from cellist Sheku:

Going live again at 5:30 (GMT+1) Those of you who can count will notice there are 10 of us! We are really happy to have our good friend Plinio @plinionandes share lockdown with us. He shares a flat in London with Braimah and me and he’s like a brother to both of us. The three of us travelled up to Nottingham together a few weeks ago as Plinio was unable to fly back and join his family in Brazil – so we have adopted him for now!:) Plinio and I play lots of chamber music together so we look forward to sharing some of this with you as well as other combinations of us all in future live streams. I hope all of you are staying well



  • Sue Harvey says:

    What a LOVELY family! I’m sure you’ll have a great time, making music together. Plinio is one lucky evacee! Stay safe.

  • Rev David Griffiths says:

    What an amazing, wonderful family! You bring joy and blessing to so many people’s hearts! We were great friends with one of the Kanneh families when we were in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone in the 1970s. I am still in touch with one of the teenagers
    God bless you all

    May you continue to lift people’s hearts?
    David Griffiths

  • Joycelyn Gage says:

    Sending you all lots of love. I know you’ll all have fun making music which so many of us enjoy! Take care!

  • Camille says:

    How can we access your live music? Love your family, your music, and your wonderful accomplishments- your family is truly blessed! Glad you are all ‘staying inside and ‘staying alive’. ( Have you seen that video on YouTube – the Covid -19 version of the very famous BeeGees song?- it’s sooo good and worth seeing!)

  • Martin Campbell says:

    Sorry I missed your performance this eve….. any more in the pipeline?

  • Khalidah says:

    I love your music! It makes me very happy each time I am blessed to hear it….!

  • Jackie says:

    A lovely family picture – everyone looks happy. I hope Plinio has been able to reassure his family that his second family are looking after him. Enjoy playing beautiful music and keep healthy all of you.

  • Pirkkoliisa Seppä says:

    Stay well You too and Keep playing music!

  • Love to you all! Kerp inspiring & entertaining us, Sarah x

  • Thank you Sheku and the rest of the 10 in the family. Take good care. Bertin anc family

  • Karen says:

    Greetings from NY. What an amazing and exceptionally talented family. I’m anxiously awaiting new music from Sheku.. as I ADORE his pieces. Much love to all..

  • Eve Parker says:

    I missed your performance but will.look out for more. Thankyou.

  • Angela Willes says:

    I tried to find your live performance tonight unsuccessfully

  • Elizabeth Fadika says:

    Love your talents and God Bless you. Keep the music flowing.