Let’s do Mahler’s Resurrection from home. Ready, dear?

The conductor Karel Mark Chichon has out together a Mahler-2 highlights video with 79 home-tied musicians of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria and his wife, soprano Elina Garanca.

See what you think.


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  • As someone who has been involved in these sort of videos already, I wonder how much of what we hear is the real tone and how much of it is mixed prerecorded material ‍♂️

    There are bits where is sounds like a huge orchestra sounding on a big stage but all we see are small rooms and probably simple smartphones with their limited microphones.

    Strange also that Mo Chchon and his spouse appear to record from various venues (the video quality is quite different as well:)

    Anyway, this flashmob has lost something (what maybe even was not existent anyway), but if orchestras are mixing some cd-recordings into the final product, what’s the purpose…?

    • I spent last week toiling away at a Virtual Hallelujah Chorus, and I know the limitations! I thought at the beginning that this was miming to a pre-recorded track, but there is some ‘live’ audio too. We all need A Project to keep ourselves busy, so bravo to them!

    • Indeed, they often sound like a huge and well coordinated orchestra. If we gave them the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that the huge orchestral sound is indeed the sum of its isolated parts, then the role of the sound engineer is exponentially more important than usual. Even under ideal acoustic conditions, sound engineers can make or break recordings. Good sound engineers are unsung heroes.

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