Lang Lang in Shanghai: ‘It’s still a long way to go’

Lang Lang in Shanghai: ‘It’s still a long way to go’


norman lebrecht

April 30, 2020

The pianist has been talking to CNBC.

‘People are very careful, you see people with masks everywhere. It’s still a long way to go I think to get normalized. The movie theaters are not opening, the concert halls are not starting, the sports events are certainly not happening in this moment. But stores, restaurants, and people are starting to get back to work I think which is a very good thing, and you see people on the street every day more and more.’

‘I feel so painful because even some of my friends got affected, and to see them suffer it’s a very painful thing.’

‘I know a lot of musicians lost their jobs, and it must be a very difficult time for them. So that’s also another thing that I really try to see whether there’s something, with the foundations or organizations, we can do some fundraiser for the musicians who lost their jobs.’

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