Just in: Maestro is admitted to intensive care

Just in: Maestro is admitted to intensive care


norman lebrecht

April 14, 2020

We understand that Willie Anthony Waters has been admitted into the ICU of Mount Sinai Hospital in his tometown Miami, suffering from Covid-19.

Willie is former General and Artistic Director of Connecticut Opera and Artistic Director of Florida Grand Opera.

We pray for his recovery.



  • Joel Lazar says:

    Let’s hope, indeed.

  • Silversled says:

    I wish the maestro a very speedy recovery. Prayers sent.

  • Larry says:

    He had been a panelist on many occasions for the Met Opera radio broadcast quiz. Let us hope for a speedy recovery.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    He looks so young and healthy!! Fingers crossed.

  • diane ashley says:

    what a terrible bit of news. wonderful conductor/musician

  • Kenneth Shaw says:

    Willie is a great musician, a skilled, fluid conductor you want in the pit when you’re singing, and among my dearest and most loved old friends and colleagues.

    He’s already been through so much.

    Nothing but love and prayers for his recovery, peace and well being.