Italian baritone, 81

Italian baritone, 81


norman lebrecht

April 04, 2020

The Italian baritone Silvano Carroli died today in Lucca, the region’s second operatic fatality in a week. We understand that he was not taken by Covid-19.

Venetian by birth, he made his debut in 1963 in a Zeffirelli Boheme and went on to work with Pavarotti, Domingo and most great artists of his time. He last appeared at Covent Garden in 2008.


  • Nonbarihunk says:

    What a large, dark impressive voice he had.
    A tall, fine figure of a man to. Great presence.
    First heard him at La Scala in the late 70’s as Scarpia and several times later at Covent Garden. Always stupendous.
    RIP. Silvano Carroli.

    • Bill says:

      Difference between “to” and “too”. If you are not a native English speaker, please forgive. If not, go back to school.

      • Dorothy K Murrah says:

        Hey william, did ya see the guy’s surname? It’s rather likely English is his second or third language. Do you not have a more intelligent comment to offer?

      • Nonbarihunk says:

        I did see this after pressing the submit button but by then it was toooo late to edit.
        I was born in the UK so English is indeed my native tongue. Though given the geographical location of my birth many might argue with that.
        In these difficult times, if all you have to do is spend time in your solitary isolation fussing over other peoples grammatical errors then I am delighted to have added a certain excitement to your otherwise miserable day. No need for thanks.

  • Yes Addison says:

    A good singer and at his best a compelling, charismatic actor; an Iago or Jack Rance you could believe. He was in the ROH’s classic Fanciulla production by Faggioni when it was new in 1977 (replaced by Milnes for DG’s recording), and he was still there for the revival in 2008.