French dentists go naked without PPE

French dentists go naked without PPE


norman lebrecht

April 27, 2020

Dentists across France are staging a naked protest over the Government ordering them to go back to work without sufficient stocks of personal protective equipment. They have our unqualified support.

You will find a full gallery of protesters here.

If you are looking for a musical angle to this story, the British composer Wilfred Josephs was a qualified dentist, as was the Cuban composer Evelio Toles Soler.

Any more?


  • Brian v says:

    Iam due for a dental appointment. If I have this extra service Iam sure it will go on my bill

  • Peter Owen says:

    I think Alan Rawsthorne was a dentist too.

  • Anon says:

    What was the question? I can’t focus on anything other than the body art on the dentist in the photo.

  • Dan oren says:

    I don’t see how a. government (French or other)Could”order the dentists to go back to work “

  • Jan Sanelli says:

    Alfonso Leng, who is among the great Chilean composers, was a dentist

  • Mr. D says:

    Alfred Schnittke wrote music for a 1965 film “Adventures of a Dentist.”

    I doubt that it is anything like “Adventures of a Taxi Driver.”

  • Chris Walsh says:

    Is it safe?

  • Paul Carlile says:

    Good heavens! If my Marseille dentist’s gorgeous assistant participates i’ll make an appointment….d’urgence!

    Hoping to get toothy rendez-vous in time….!

    • Brian v says:

      I went to my dentist and she said do you want anything else while like this
      I said have you got any biscuits

  • Bill Schwartz says:

    Does she do root canal?

  • CLarrieu says:

    French composer Pierre-Octave Ferroud’s opéra-bouffe «Chirurgie» (1927) after a Tchekhov novel describes a dental operation…