As BBC bores, arts channel offers free sub

As BBC bores, arts channel offers free sub


norman lebrecht

April 01, 2020

From Tony Britten’s Arts Channel:

In this unprecedented time of national emergency, the absence of any live arts is already a significant issue.  Norfolk-based composer Tony Britten today announces his new inititatve for The Arts Channel – a subscription service he founded last May which gives arts lovers the opportunity to watch carefully curated music and arts films and documentaries from the UK and around the world, most of which cannot be seen anywhere else in this country. International programming is either subtitled or has an English commentary.

Recent acquisitions include new films about composer Arvo Pärt, jazz singer George Melly and Peter Stein’s extraordinary stage version of Goethe’s Faust, exclusive to the channel.

The Arts Channel is today launching its new improved apps and web platform so you can view it
wherever you are – which these days is probably at home! TAC – “the Netflix of Arts and Culture” is built
with Norfolk-based technology company SupaPass, who provide pre-built website and app technology for
entrepreneurs to launch their own instant fitness, conference, video, teaching, or podcast platforms.
SupaPass and The Arts Channel have collaborated to bring culture onto your screens in a unique way,
curated by Tony Britten and his associates.

Norfolk composer Tony Britten is perhaps best known for writing the UEFA Champions League anthem, was orchestrator and conductor for the iconic National Theatre production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ and more recently turned to film directing. Films he has made through his Holt based production company, Capriol Films include the popular ‘In Love with Alma Cogan’ and the highly successful ‘Benjamin Britten – Peace and Conflict’.

The Arts Channel was due a full public launch in May, but due to recent events it was felt that the right thing to do was to offer a free six-month subscription to all arts lovers. Founder Tony Britten says; “Whilst we can’t emulate the extraordinary achievements of our NHS and supporting services, we can offer something to make people’s enforced isolation a little more bearable. It’s very simple – click the
subscribe button on and enter the code: TACFREE Of course if you feel you can subscribe, please do – producers round the world are being very generous, but there are costs involved with acquiring and screening the films they are offering to us.”



  • Alan says:

    Thanks Norman, I’ve signed up. So good to see the Lindsay Quartet again.

  • John Borstlap says:

    There are interesting to beautiful opera productions accessible on the internet, free from any subscription and from any curation, like this one:

    …. or this one:

  • Mark London says:

    It’s a very limited library of content. Never worth £60 p.a

  • Hmus says:

    Why is there a photo of BENJAMIN Britten here?

    • Paul Robert Terry says:

      Yes, I was wondering about that. The two Brittens (Tony and Ben) are not related, as far as I know. Perhaps someone googled an image of “Britten composer” and just clicked on the wrong one!

  • MWnyc says:

    You can see what they have available for viewing here:

  • Mark London says:

    59 videos ! Works out at a £1 a video! Ought to be free all the time

    • Tony Britten says:

      Quality not quantity mate. And no-one is forcing you to sign up. Would you like to share what you are doing to try and help in this crisis?