Archive swoop: Sacher takes a chunk of Schott

The hugely endowed Paul Sacher Foundation in Basle has acquired some 3,000 items from the Schott Music publishing archive.

They include manuscripts of two Hans Werner Henze operas, a handwritten piano score of Stravinsky’s violin concerto and György Ligeti’s Lontano and Chamber Concerto. Most of the acquisition is made up of correspondence between composers and the ublisher.

The Sacher foundation is the world’s largest resource of 20th century music manuscripts, funded by Big Pharma.


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    • Of all of the critical comments that get rejected because of whatever stupid reason, and you choose to publish this garbage comment?

  • Good news: these items will be kept safely. Somebody should write a biography of Sacher. Not that he was all that important as a musician, but he was a real instigator and commissioned so many works.

    • Yes, very good news. However, A biography of Paul Sacher: “Symphony of Dreams; The conductor and Patron Paul Sacher” by Lesley Stephenson appeared in 2002 (published by Rüffer & Rub, Zürich). Interesting reading.

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