A multi-talented vagabond

The young British baritone Jake Muffett can not only sing The Vagabond, by Ralph Vaughan Williams. He also accompanies himself in all the woodwind parts.

Product of a classical education.


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  • Really impressive work, the arrangment, the clarinet work, and then a fantastic voice too. You see a lot of these things lately, but few if any are on this level of individual achievement. Is any record company listening?

  • Thank you Jake. What make is the c-bass clarinet – it must be wonderful to play. LeBlanc low C bass is as far down as I go.

    • Hi Paul, I’m glad you asked! Below is a list of the Clarinets I’m playing in this video:

      Eb Piccolo Clarinet – Boosey and Hawkes Imperial

      Bb Clarinet – 1960’s full Boehm Buffet (custom ordered and part of a pair, I also have the matching A) – one of a kind pair

      Eb Alto Clarinet – Noblet (formerly owned by Paul Harvey)

      Bb Bass Clarinet – 1930’s Buffet (extended to low C sometime in the 1960s) – formerly played in the CBSO for many many years (I don’t know who by)

      BBb Contrabass – Leblanc straight (collapsible) contra to low Eb (this was an ebay bargain that came to me from Oklahoma)

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