A multi-talented vagabond

A multi-talented vagabond


norman lebrecht

April 17, 2020

The young British baritone Jake Muffett can not only sing The Vagabond, by Ralph Vaughan Williams. He also accompanies himself in all the woodwind parts.

Product of a classical education.



  • Ģustavo says:

    Kein armer Tamboursg’sell.

  • Hmus says:

    Really impressive work, the arrangment, the clarinet work, and then a fantastic voice too. You see a lot of these things lately, but few if any are on this level of individual achievement. Is any record company listening?

  • Glazunov Fan says:

    Fantastic virtual arrangement and performance!!

  • Paul Randall says:

    Thank you Jake. What make is the c-bass clarinet – it must be wonderful to play. LeBlanc low C bass is as far down as I go.

    • Jake Muffett says:

      Hi Paul, I’m glad you asked! Below is a list of the Clarinets I’m playing in this video:

      Eb Piccolo Clarinet – Boosey and Hawkes Imperial

      Bb Clarinet – 1960’s full Boehm Buffet (custom ordered and part of a pair, I also have the matching A) – one of a kind pair

      Eb Alto Clarinet – Noblet (formerly owned by Paul Harvey)

      Bb Bass Clarinet – 1930’s Buffet (extended to low C sometime in the 1960s) – formerly played in the CBSO for many many years (I don’t know who by)

      BBb Contrabass – Leblanc straight (collapsible) contra to low Eb (this was an ebay bargain that came to me from Oklahoma)

  • EG says:

    Look at all the fancy clarinets!
    I’m a clarinetist and I approve. 🙂