A Helsinki Philharmonic violinist bikes food to the homebound

A Helsinki Philharmonic violinist bikes food to the homebound


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2020

Reuters report:

HELSINKI: A second violinist of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra has been redeployed to help fight the coronavirus crisis – he’s using an electric bike to deliver food to the Finnish capital’s elderly residents.

With old people ordered to self-isolate, city employees have contacted 27,000 citizens aged over 80 to offer help by delivering groceries and medicines.

“We’ve called nearly every 80-year-old in Helsinki and checked if they need help,” Tommi Laitio, Helsinki’s executive director for culture and leisure, told Reuters.

With public gatherings of more than 10 people banned in Finland since March 17, violinist Teppo Ali-Mattila suddenly had time on his hands since all his concerts were cancelled….

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  • Hello Norman! Just a quick fact correction, quote: “The post WATCH: Violinist delivers food by bike as city fights coronavirus appeared first on ARY NEWS” The article was first published by Reuters/ Attila Cser, not ARY News. The person driving the red scooter in the picture by ARY News is definitely not me. The other picture is of me and the photo credit goes to Yvonne Frye. With kind regards, Teppo Ali-Mattila, violinist, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.