A Beethoven quartet in the front garden. Could this be a thing?

A Beethoven quartet in the front garden. Could this be a thing?


norman lebrecht

April 06, 2020

Rafael Todes, his wife Helena Newman and their two children Isabella and Max took quartet practice to the front of the house on Sunday.

Starting with Beethoven’s opus 18/4, they drew a rapt street crowd of 30 neighbours – all observing safe distance.

Lovely sound, very well recorded.

Rafael Todes is a member of the Allegri String Quartet.


  • Marta says:

    A “thing”? Yes, it’s a thing, if by thing you mean well meaning musicians might do during quarantine. But no version of this or any of the other playing for free happening right now, does anything for musicians careers, bank accounts or artistic/psychological health. You don’t pay a string quartet with 30 socially distanced audience members.

  • John Holmes says:

    Helena is an auctioneer at Southerby’s

    • will says:

      It was very unwise of Southerby’s to choose a name for their company that is so similar to the more famous name of Sotheby’s that the two might be confused with each other. At least they both preserve the possessive apostrophe.

  • Arthur says:

    A thing? If only more in the UK could afford that kind of lifestyle… Our political landscape would be very different indeed…

  • Gray Bean says:

    Wonderful! I especially love the very cultured and well behaved dog! Thank you, Norman for posting this.

  • Mary Grover says:

    What a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing this music.