Yannick: Spread the music, not the virus

A message from the Met’s music director, playing Schubert with his partner at their home in Montreal:



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  • Not being a Pollyanna here but what exactly do people get from the snide comments and negativity? If they were at least witty or epigrammatic it could be considered cocktail chatter rather than just unaccountable bitterness.

    • You’re not being a Pollyanna – you’re just being emotionally intelligent. And as for their lamp, when I saw it, I though it looked like one of the Met’s bubble chandeliers. 🙂

    • Thank you WillymH, and further narcissists anonymous could be in high demand during this current global crisis, cocktail chatter and the well judged epigram could just provide the much longed for salvation for these afflicted souls and even more, for us all in these coming days.

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