When Sviatoslav Richter won the Lenin Prize…

…. this is what he played.

Moscow, 27 April 1961.

New this week on Youtube

01:12 Haydn Piano Sonata in B-flat, XVI:41

11:13 – Haydn Piano Sonata in G minor, XVI:44

24:45 – Haydn Piano Sonata in E-flat, XVI:49

Debussy 6 Preludes, Book 1

49:15 – Danseuses de Delphes

52:42 – Voiles

56:25 – Le vent dans la plaine

58:21 – Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir

01:02:33 – Les collines d’Anacapri

01:05:27 – Des pas sur la neige Prokofiev

01:09:33 – Sonata no. 8, op. 84

01:39:30 – Suggestion diabolique, op. 4 no. 4 (encore)

01:42:05 – Danza op. 32 no. 1 (encore)

01:44:58 – ‘по окончании концерта поздравляли – П. Марков, Д. Журавлёв, Л. Утёсов, В. Топорков’

01:53:28 – The great man speaks


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  • Tremendous. Simply tremendous. And stunning. Tremendous and stunning.
    One can hear here one of the greatest – possibly THE greatest – of all Debussy piano interpreters.
    Thank you so much for the linkage, Norman, and….
    Bless you a million times, Sviatoslav Richter!

  • Always interesting to hear and read the hidden articles about the Maestro.
    Many audio recordings have surfaced on YT thanks to fans.

  • “This is what he played “….certainly ain;t what Haydn hear
    This worshipping the dead is being pushed to extremes.

  • >