Virus latest: French Culture Minister tests positive

The French Culture Minister Franck Riester has announced he tested positive today for Covid-19.

He says he is ‘in good shape’, confined in quarantine to his Paris home.

Riester, 46, spent several days last week at the National Assembly, where several other cases have been identified.


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  • One course of action which hasn’t been flagged up as much as it ought:
    avoid handling cash if at all possible. Stick to debit/credit card payments.
    Sage advice from a distinguished doctor friend of mine.

    • The more serious, less egocentric advice would be to prevent grandchildren from getting too close to their grandparents.

      Mortality rates are predicted to increase dramatically within the age class 65+.

      That means that parents should no longer dump their kids at granny’s and grandpa’s.

      Think about it.

    • No doubt, the big card processers must be salivating at the prospect of people avoiding cash. All those commission payments and handling fees for the taking.

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