Virus latest: France bans 1000+ events. Opéra responds

Instant reaction from the Opéra de Paris:

More follows, as and when.

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  • That presumably means the other opera houses (Lyon Toulouse etc) also have to close their doors? Any ideas about when this might be and will they reimburse their customers’ ?

  • Philharmonie de Paris cancels this evening concert of Theodor Currentzis and Swr Orchestra. All theatres with over 1.000 places will be closed. Or they must sold about 900 tickets and not more to open

  • It increasingly looks like they will ban & cancel almost everything in Europe. For a person who comes from Australia, attending the major cities of Europe without culture seems rather unappealing. There are not many cities in Europe which could boast a view like Sydney Harbour for instance.I have stayed in hotel rooms in Sydney with a view that a very few cities in Europe could match This situation have thought me to what extent my pleasures in central and northern Europe were dependent on concerts and opera. Once you take them away it would be a terrible bore to stay in the cities I stayed in. In spite of some great museums.

    • Glad we spent our month in Paris last fall! Only transit strikes to deal with.

      But any major city where everything is closed would be a bit of a bore. It’s still quite dormant in Australia, so go there but avoid the millions of square miles of land destroyed in the fires. Not a view I’d relish either.

  • As others have pointed out, these are arbitrary decisions based on no scientific or clinical evidence. Is 900 OK, or 990?

    • How do you propose getting the scientific evidence in the middle of an epidemic?

      Let people continue to congregate and count how many of them die off at the end of the week?

      All limits are arbitrary: Does driving at 55 miles per hour save more lives than driving at 56 miles per hour?

  • What is there to wait to see? Opera goers are immune to the corona virus?

    With so many coughing and hacking septuagenarians in a typical opera night, I’m not sure why the people would still want to show up and sit next to 1,000 other people in an enclosed space for 4 hours, yuck, even if there were no state ban.

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