Virus deaths: Two music directors today in Brazil

Virus deaths: Two music directors today in Brazil


norman lebrecht

March 26, 2020

Martinho Lutero Galati de Oliveira, a prominent conductor in Sao Paolo, died today of Covid-19. He was 66.

His colleague Naomi Munakata, 64, also died today. She was head of the Coral Paulistano at the municipal theatre of Sap Paolo.


Rest their souls.

The conductor John Neschling writes:

When in 1997 I took over the direction of the OSESP, it was the wish of the secretary of the state to end the state’s choir, which was under the direction of our Naomi, who had been my student in the 1970s… For 12 years, we worked together, with dozens of symphonic choral works, in which Naomi without exception demonstrated her enormous ability to assemble and execute works of all styles. When I came back to the municipal theater and the opportunity arose, I called my Naomi to direct the Coral Paulistano, in addition to coordinating the municipal school of music. Naomi was always serious, reliable, and professional. She came in my office, asking me to dismiss her, overwhelmed with the stress of work. Never dismissed her, never even thought about it. Her presence was indispensable for the good of our work.

Her sophistication was exceptional in every way. Excellent cook of Japanese cuisine, for our wedding Naomi gave us a great dinner at one of the best Japanese (places) in the city. I have no way to express my dismay for the loss of this remarkable musician, dear friend and wonderful human being. the world is more sad and poor. RIP my beloved Naomi You will not be forgotten.


  • Bill says:

    But Bolsonaro said covid-19 was just a “little cold”

  • Willymh says:

    May they both rest in peace.

  • Jennifer Dyster says:

    So sad to lose these wonderful people.