Virus death of Satyricon star

The Italian actress Lucia Bosè who appeared in Fellini’s Satyricon and many other films, has died in a Spanish hospital of the effects of Coronavirus. She was 88.

Her other films include Testament of Orpheus (1960), The Picasso Summer (1969), Something Creeping in The Dark (1971), Violanta (1976)
Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1987).

Her son is the Spanish pop singer Miguel Bosé.


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  • Sad. For classical musicians reading this, if you haven’t listened to Miguel Bose please try him out. He is fantastic. And he also starred in Almodovars film Tacones Lejanos

  • She was one of the most ravishing women to ever appear on screen. See her Antonioni’s first feature film “Cronaca di un Amore”.

  • Sorry to hear this. Just last night, being homebound thanks to the virus, I was watching Death of a Cyclist. What a fine actress. RIP.

  • This is terribly sad. We pray for her surviving family and will remember her legacy for many years to come.

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