US baritone wins Glyndebourne

US baritone wins Glyndebourne


norman lebrecht

March 08, 2020

The Glyndebourne Cup was won last night by Edward Nelson, a San Francisco baritone.

Second was the UK soprano Alexandra Lowe.

Nelson has been with Columbia Artists since 2016. They may need a wake-up call.


  • Saskia Ellmer says:

    You are definitely right. It’s a shame that we didn’t here from this very talented baritone before.
    Congratulations and best wishes for the future to Edward Nelson.

  • Mixer says:

    Congratulations to Edward Nelson! He must have flown to Glyndebourne directly from Vancouver where he wrapped up a highly acclaimed run of Rossini’s Figaros on Feb. 23.

  • Bassoken says:

    Here in Cincinnati, we’re all very happy and proud of everything Eddie has accomplished so far in his career. This award is well deserved. He has become a truly remarkable artist, born of intense focus and hard work. It is time for the world to hear him. He’s ready!