Unbelieee…vable: Full youth orchestra plays Mahler from home

The New York Youth Symphony had to cancel its spring date at Carnegie Hall but nothing was going to stop them playing.

Here’s a movement of Mahler’s first symphony, 74 young musicians playing from home, conducted by Michael Repper.

Gustav would have been so proud.

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  • These videos never grow old! I hope the NYYS receives donations from this one; the kids are wonderful and wonderfully talented.

  • Amazing group of young artists! Isn’t this over-dubbed from an existing recording rather than recorded from their remote locations?

  • In case you can’t get enough Mahler in times of corona – this message just came through by email from good old Toblach:

    “Ein Konzertabend zu Hause in Zeiten in denen der Kulturbetrieb aufgrund des COVID-19 Virus leider zum Stillstand gekommen ist.

    Auf dem Youtube-Kanal “Südtirol in concert” wird am kommenden
    Sonntag, 29.03. um 20.00 Uhr
    die Symphonie Nr. 2 von Gustav Mahler zu sehen sein.

    Das Konzert wurde im Rahmen der Gustav Mahler Musikwochen 2019 im Toblacher Gustav Mahler Saal aufgezeichnet.

    Das ist der Link zum Stream der Symphonie:


    Aufgeführt wurde das Werk vom Orchester und Chor der Slowenischen Philharmonie unter der Leitung von Hansjörg Albrecht
    am 16.07.2019 im Euregio Kulturzentrum Toblach.
    Valentina Farcas, Sopran
    Bettina Ranch, Mezzosopran”

    • Glad to see my alma mater (I performed back in the Maestro Sam Wong days) doing so well. Congratulations from the West Coast.

  • Bravo, bravo, bravo to this talented bunch! The quality is impressive, especially considering that they’re all playing in different spaces with no reference to each other. Wow. Keep up the good work, NYYSO!

  • Just curious, how do they play with the same tempo together? Are they looking at the conductor or playing with a metronome?

  • I like how the percussion girl recorded herself three times on three instruments. I wonder what would’ve happened up there if the concert hadn’t been cancelled.

  • Bravo-Brava. An idea who’s time has come, and perfect in situations like this. However, I want the perfect experience for you of an acoustical cohesion of a concert hall. Brave students, thank you.

  • Beautiful, young ladies and gentlemen…. just beautiful!
    It’s loving hearts and souls like yours that will keep music viable over the next few months.
    Keep up the good work!
    (And please – keep washing your hands….)

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