Two more musical nations have just shut down

Two more musical nations have just shut down


norman lebrecht

March 12, 2020

Finland has cancelled all public events of over 500 people until end of May.

The Netherlands shut down all concerts with more than 100 until April 1.



  • aga says:

    which source you have re Netherlands?
    the official doesn’t say anything like that…

    • Bark says:

      There was a press conference today with the prime minister. All events in The Netherlands with 100+ people should be cancelled.

  • Coronach says:

    The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra will still play all their concerts during that time live online, and on radio.
    The public will not get in to the concert hall.

  • Dave T says:

    Two questions are begged:
    1) Whereas most venues/institutions are shutting down for two weeks or a month, why are Finland’s shutting for about 10 weeks?
    2) If the virus does indeed not tolerate heat, would Finland’s sauna culture help to slay it?