The first black-humour Coronavirus concerto

Maestro Rainer Hersch raises a laugh.


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  • It would have been funny if the subject did not include people dying by the hundreds and possibly thousands in the near future.

  • It might be funny if people weren’t dying from this dreadful virus. I find this to be highly offensive and inappropriate.

    • Yes, by all means, ashes and sackcloth for everybody until the sun shines again.
      For all of the freelance musicians who have seen their livelihood eliminated for the foreseeable future, this probably will provide them a much-needed chuckle.
      It’s called black humour, and it’s been a coping mechanism of humanity for millenia. Probably longer than music has.

  • I hear that this orchestra is planning a subscription season during these next few months….

    If so, where can I buy tickets?

  • The man from Edinburgh says bravo! Hope most of this year’s touring can go ahead, it’s too good to to miss!

  • ==I find this to be highly offensive and inappropriate.

    Oh dear, you’ll be cancelling your subscription to SD then ūüėČ

    It’s gallows humour, mate.

    • Also gallows humour has its limits. When these are crossed, the result is cynical humour, which is not funny at all.

  • People have been laughing at sad and tragic sides of life for millennia. This is one of genuinely human reactions to misfortunes and it remains humane indeed.

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