Star soprano quits Covent Garden ‘to join my family now’

The Polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak has dropped out of  La Traviata at the ROH with this message:

Monday, March 16th at 7 pm the 2nd performance of Verdi’s LA TRAVIATA. Considering the worrying health situation, I have decided to withdraw from the production after this second performance. The situation is very difficult and I want to be able to join my family now, as it may be not possible very soon. I have also the feeling that it is my duty to be in solidarity with everbody who is facing, fighting or getting ready to fight this virus. I’m very sorry maybe to disappoint some of you, but sometimes we have to make difficult decisions.

Kurzak is married to the French-Sicilian tenor Roberto Alagna.


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    • Because they won’t want to return the refunded monies until absolutely necessary. The Old Vic have cancelled the next 2 weeks performances of Beckett plays but said they are not refunding the cost of tickets and audience members might wish to ‘donate’ the cost. Only here, or possiblythe US?

      • That is unbelievable! We are cancelling the last concert of our subscription and suggesting that should patrons wish to donate it would be appreciated but giving them the possibility of a refund. Surely that is the right thing to do to ensure your base stays loyal?

  • I picture her and her family holding hands at home and waiting for Death to reach them together. At this horrible time, one must be with one’s family. Particularly if they’re old. Come and be with them and bring them whatever presents you’ve got in London that they haven’t got yet in their remote Polish village.

    Silly woman.

    • Why is this published?

      It’s very possible that Aleksandra Kurzak reads this and would be very upset.

      The point of moderation is surely to avoid this?

        • My suspicion–and hope–is that Ms. Kurzak and her husband know that their decision is absolutely sound and can well avoid the other noise. Anyone who ignores this crisis is doing themselves and all us harm.

      • It was nastily said, but everyone must be careful about the contact they have with old and vulnerable people. You may be fit and young, and not even notice you have the virus, but unwittingly pass it onto someone else.

        Moving around from place-to-place is exactly what is spreading the virus. I am not going to visit my elderly relatives at all over the next few months, just to be sure I reduce the risks.

        One of the key issues in Italy, is how many younger people are in regular daily contact with their elderly relatives. Checking on grandma or grandpa can result in killing them.

  • Given the siuation with ‘lockdowns’ and the closing of borders it is perfectly understandable why Ms Kurzak, and many others away from home, should take all steps necessary to do what is right by their loved ones. I assume that those here being hyper critical will be the first to defy the restrictions that will inevitably be introduced in the coming days. Alternatively, they will be the first to criticise whatever measures are introduced should they fail to protect them. Either way they should maybe Shut the **** up.

  • Bearing in mind that the government is possibly about to announce the closure of theatres and cinemas, and so many airlines are cancelling flights and grounding their fleets, I think she’s very sensibly going home while she still can!

    • 4 thumbs down???? Isn’t it odd that people who are suppose to have an appreciation and love of the beauty of music are themselves so unloving.

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