Slipped Disc in the time of Coronavirus

As the world’s #1 classical music and opera website we shall continue to bring you the latest goings-on to the best of our ability through the difficult weeks and months ahead.

Visits to the site have risen by 25 to 30 percent in the past week alone as mainstream media abandon arts coverage and an embattled music sector seeks information and consolation from an independent source.

This is not easy. We are working around the clock to keep apace with unprecedented shocks and events, rubbing our eyes at times in amazement as the tide rolls in and out.

It is not all bad news. There are stories of courage, generosity and hope. There is music to share. There is love.

We would like to express our thanks to all who visit us in these troubled times, and to our loyal advertisers and partners. We have more than 2 million monthly readers. To ensure tghat you see all of our posts, follow @NLebrecht on Twitter, or ‘like’ the Slipped Disc Facebook page.

Stay with us. It may be a rocky ride, but there is light in the world and plenty of room for happiness and creativity.

Enough of that.

Let’s get the day on its feet.


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  • IMO at a time like this a select few pieces and performances take on greater importance. For many years the July 1970 Cleveland Orchestra Blossom concert of the Mahler 2nd led by Leonard Bernstein was one such occasion. In the last few days the last 2 movements were uploaded and the performance lives up the hype. My understanding is that LB agreed to conduct, his only CO concert, due to the fact that George Szell was hospitalized. Again, according to the recollections of those present at the first rehearsal LB was prepared to lead a somewhat perfunctory reading but the orchestra clearly wanted more. LB supposedly said something to the effect “fine you want the real thing”. At some point he is reported to have said “you guys are f***ing great I tell you what I want and I get it”. The full performance is commercially available but for the moment..

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