Sicklist: Yuja’s out

She has cancelled a Barcelona recital.

‘Indisposed’, it says.


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  • If we take apart the curious case of miss Wang I don t think anyway that there will a lot of concerts during the 8 next weeks in western Europe. And that don t concern only Italy.

    • Indeed. I do not blame anyone from being indisposed to fly, go to Europe, or enter a concert hall. Let alone stay in a Spanish hotel.

  • Still wondering in what way a photo of Miss Wang’s posterior relates to this story. I suppose, we do see the back of her, but that is hardly needed to bring the nuance of the story to life.

  • Surely this is not newsworthy…is it? What about the cancellation of all of her Italian performances by the government?

  • Allow me to say that she looks so good when she is walking out the door.

    If anyone needs the email of my lawyer for #metoo complaints please let me PM me.

  • Why do you insist on showing a photo of her rear end? Why can’t you treat her like a regular human being? With complete respect?

  • The New World Symphony has asked conductor Christian Măcelaru to step down from tonight’s concert in Miami for merely having a sore throat. Assistant conductor Chad Goodman will take his place. More virus scares I suppose.

  • What difference is there between her facing the camera or facing away? None besides your perceptual conditioning

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