San Fran Opera chief quits

San Fran Opera chief quits


norman lebrecht

March 05, 2020

Sheri Greenawald has announced her retirement as director of the San Francisco Opera Center the Merola Opera Program.

The ex-singer has led the young artist development programs since the turn of the century. She will step down at the end of the year.

She says: ‘I was so fortunate to have been a soprano who worked happily for 30 years, singing music that was always inspiring, with fabulous colleagues who made the journey so amusing. I have been a voice teacher to all types of voices, from opera singers to church choir singers; I have directed operas, employing skills I learned at the hands of the greats in the business; I have cast many, many operas for Merola with my colleague Mark Morash, and I have led an administrative staff that has been nonpareil. There are no regrets! I wish all the best to those maintaining the continuum of the classical music business, and I will be watching and listening happily from my eyrie, wherever that may be.’


  • Suzelbuondi says:

    I am so tired of your misleading headlines that cater to drama and clickbait. San Fran opera chief RETIRES. Not quits.

    • Bruce says:

      Yes. With headlines on this site, I always assume that it’s misleading or even borderline untrue… and then I click on it anyway, to find out what the actual story is — which often requires reading the linked article, if there is one.

      (Also: her position is an important one, but the head of the young artist program is not the “chief of SF Opera.” That would be the Executive Director, General Director,— whatever they call their chief administrator. Or, in a pinch, their music director.)

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Thank you! Plus, Ms. Greenawald is not the “chief”, rather the director of the Merola Opera Program. Not to diminish her role or accomplishments, but there is a BIG difference. Mr. Lebrecht, you can do better. If you consider yourself a serious journalist, then stop acting like a cheap tabloid. Your readers deserve better.

  • You haven’t lived if you never hear Sheri sing her rendition of Meine Lippen Sie Kuessen So Heiss for decades at Matthew Espstein’s fabled New Year’s Eve soirees, accompanied by none other than Ethan Mordden

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Sheri Greenawald has been a shining ornament to the San Francisco music scene for decades, first as a lovely singer, then as a teacher, opera director, and as director of the SF Opera’s Merola program.
    Brava Sheri, and a thousand bravas! Thank you for all you’ve done for we Bay Area music lovers!
    And may you have a wonderful, peaceful and fulfilling retirement.