Paris Opéra is being mean with Ring singers

We hear that members of the Rheingold cast at the Opéra de Paris are being offered just half of one fee for turning up to rehearsal – and nothing towards their accommodation costs.

Have you been personally affected?


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  • You should ask also for the Don Giovanni cast. What kind of compensation is there for 12 performances cancelled + travel + accommodation paid in advance?

  • Yes, one of our artists is involved as well and we are in close touch with the opera house. They are not ready yet, but they always said there will be an offer and it is not what you wrote above! Please, in this crisis it is most important not to publish any rumors, not to promote panic and bad feelings.
    Thank you and best wishes, may that be over soon,
    Verena Vetter
    KünstlerSekretariat am Gasteig, Munich

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