Now the US shuts down into May

Now the US shuts down into May


norman lebrecht

March 15, 2020

San Franciso Symphony has taken the lead, cancelling the whole of April and beyond.

Due to an extension of the Public Health Order prohibiting gatherings of 100 or more persons to slow the spread of COVID-19, there will be no concerts or events at Davies Symphony Hall through April 30.

Houston Grand Opera has called off its two spring productions and it fundraising opera ball. But it has pledged to take care of freelancers:

HGO is taking the lead in helping defray the impact that this cancellation has on our community of artists, musicians, stagehands, and staff. From ushers to star sopranos, HGO is committed to the livelihood of all those involved in producing great opera in Houston. We are asking for you to donate the cost of your tickets from the spring rep to help us offset the losses of those involved.

Gilmore  International Keyboard Festival has cancelled halway into May.

South Dakota Cello Day on April 30 is off.

Bizarrely, the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels sent out a note to competitors this weekend saying nothing has been changed and they are expecting to go ahead in May. So they should just go ahead and book flights?



  • Thomas Purviance says:

    Terrible news from the Queen Elizabeth Competition. I know one accepted competitor who is under two week mandatory quarantine in China with no access to a piano. This is unfair!

  • Edo says:

    they better cancel/postpone Queen Elisabeth, it would be very risky and unthoughtful to have it proceed.

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Actually, they should admit they think it likely to be cancelled, but state they will make a decision nearer the date.

  • Larry W says:

    Houston Grand Opera is to be commended for its efforts to assist its orchestra. These excellent and valued musicians are not freelancers but contracted musicians.

  • Karl says:

    The virus has only begun to subside in China after 3 months. It’s going to be at least that long in other countries. We will be lucky to have a summer season.

  • Sharon says:

    I am already frustrated because I feel “grounded” on the weekend with regard to cultural/entertainment activities.

    If this semi quarantine prevents COVID-19 from becoming more widespread in the US then MAYBE it’s worth it although I fear that certain cultural organizations may never recover and it may take the rest of the arts economy years to recover.

    Nevertheless, my emotional attitude is “When’s this gonna end?”