No toilet rolls? Let’s play a little tune…

No toilet rolls? Let’s play a little tune…


norman lebrecht

March 17, 2020

Two violinists in a Los Angeles supermarket, faced with empty shelves, whipped out their instruments and played the sinking Titanic theme.

Let’s hear it for Bonnie von Duyke and Emer Kinsella.

And book ’em as soon as it’s safe.


  • Jerome Hoberman says:

    “The sinking Titanic theme??” You mean you really don’t know (of) “Nearer, My God, To Thee?” Kinda puts all your learned discourses on Beethoven on a different, much lower, shelf.

  • Dave T says:

    The toilet paper tragedy given full honors:

  • Elvira says:

    Probably when the world will return to normality, lots of papers will be written about
    the influence of toilet paper on our psyche.
    Until then we have time to reflect.

  • Paul Carlile says:

    One imagines this performance will be wiped as soon as stocks become available……

  • Paul Carlile says:

    Panned by the critics, no doubt.
    Please contact:
    Thunder and Splosh, ( we are sole agents).

    (Sorry, just had to get that out of my cistern).