Must watch: Confined pensioners at Casa Verdi sing out for freedom

An enduring image of our self-distancing times, directed by the baritone Armando Ariostini.

Casa Verdi is a retirement home for musicians established in Milan by the composer Giuseppe Verdi.

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  • How wonderful. However I don’t believe this is at the Casa di Riposo; according to the FB comment he is at his own home in Milan. As I understand it Ariostini works tirelessly for the Casa including regular visits to the residence. Regardless of the location it celebrates the Italian spirit – or maybe just the human spirit – finding joy, hope, and comfort in music.

  • I performed at Casa Verdi and talk to famous singers of the past. Piano Bechshtein was gift of Vladimir and Wanda Horowith. G.Verdi grave is in the court yard.

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