Must wash! The handwashing video that became a string quartet

Not many hits began in Vietnam, but this handwashing song ran up 2.5 million viewers after appearing on HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.

Maki Kubota, a cellist with the Houston Symphony, has set it as a string quartet and filmed the result with three pals, Boson Mo, Lucinda Chiu, Sergein Yap.

(Don’t worry, we’ve been safe! These are people we’ve been seeing exclusively for the last two weeks. )

There’s something buoyant and defiant about it – a kind of f*ck-you to the virus.


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  • John Holmes says:

    A lovely song. Has loads of hits now – gives new meaning to the YT phrase ‘going viral’

  • San says:

    Made me want to smile and dance

  • fierywoman says:

    Sheet music please for my students!

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