Munich Academy opens research centre for music of Jews

Munich Academy opens research centre for music of Jews


norman lebrecht

March 06, 2020

The Hochschule für Musik und Theater München (HMTM) is opening a research centre into Jewish culture and music at the end of the month.

The centre, in a building that was once Nazi Party headquarters, will be named after the Israeli composer Paul Ben-Haim, who left Munich as an exile for Palestine in 1933, changing his name from Frankenburger.


So far, there is one musicologist at work, Tobias Reichard.



  • Oresta Cybriwsky says:

    It is a University, not an Academy.

  • unhappy memories says:

    The building was actually named the Führerbau, the Füher’s building. For some, it is still a blight upon the cityscape.

  • When I was working with Leopold Stokowski as Associate Conductor of the American Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, I received my first invitation to conduct in Israel. Stokowski asked me to take personally his letter to Paul Ben-Haim asking him for a new work to premiere in NY at Carnegie with the ECO. Ben-Haim came to my lecture on Charles Ives’ music, and we had dinner afterwards. He was thrilled with the invitation and request from Stokowski,
    and miraculously handed me a freshly minted score before I departed two weeks later. Stokowski premiered it during the same season.

  • This looks like a job for Tina Fruehauf

  • Kolb Slaw says:

    Nice. Will they import and support actual Jewish musicians?

  • Sol Siegel says:

    Isn’t this the building where the 1938 Munich Agreement was signed?