Maestro stays: Dutch nail down Israeli

Maestro stays: Dutch nail down Israeli


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2020

The Rotterdam Philharmonic has signed a second term with Lahav Shani, taking him up to 2026.

He is commited to 12 weeks a year, in Rotterdam and on tour.

Shani, 31, is also incoming music director of the Israel Philharmonic.

He says: ‘This has been my first job as chief conductor and the chemistry I felt with the orchestra from day 1 is still growing. We are developing a very beautiful friendship and musical collaboration, which I am most happy to continue and explore for the next years.’


  • Brian v says:

    The Rotterdam philharmonic is a very good orchestra one of the best.

  • batonbaton says:

    And by all accounts he’s a good conductor, so it’s a win-win for all concerned

  • Mr. Schwa says:

    How did he get the job?? He’s not a woman.

    • Anarhimik says:

      On the basis of a single performance, the RPhO musicians unanimously elected Shani, a protege of Mehta, as their next chief conductor to replace Yannick Nezet Seguin. By coincidence or not, but orchestra’s principals are from Israel as well, so I guess that also took its role.

      Unless I’m not mistaken that’s called by some people a “Jewish lobby” (just in case, I regularly attend RPhO concerts and I do like Shani’s conducting style, although occasionally I find his interpretations a bit sluggish for my taste).

      • Frederick says:

        As far as I know (and I DO KNOW)
        no israeli musician was in the orchestra at the period of electing a new chief conductor.
        Hard info, but truth it is…

        • Anarhimik says:

          Hmm, Igor Gruppman is ukrainian by birth and Hed Yaron Meyerson indeed joined orchestra at the same time as Shani in 2016. Hard truth indeed… But no need to scream, my comment was merely a sarcastic reply to an ironic comment from Mr. Schwa. I have nothing against Shani – we once had a nice talk during Gergiev’s concert in Concertgebouw when sitting side-by-side.

    • Christopher Clift says:

      Oh bitchy, bitchy!!

    • Stereo says:

      Probably because he was better than them. That should always be the criteria.

  • RW2013 says:

    I hope that he doesn’t let his excellent piano skills slip.
    There are plenty who can do what he can on the podium.

  • Harold Sacks says:

    They still miss Yannick and the feeling is mutual.

    • Anarhimik says:

      True, their last reunion for Mahler’s Fifth was very emotional and poignant. I’m still kicking myself for being unable to attend their Die Frau ohne Schatten

  • Israel Kastoriano says:

    My personal opinion is that he is a wonderful musician,an unusually good pianist and an unmatchable conducting talent.