Locked-down Italy watches Mahler 9th on TV

The isolated nation has an addition to its schedules:

Ripreso da Rai Cultura all’inizio di gennaio 2020 all’Auditorium Rai “Arturo Toscanini” di Torino, arriva in prima tv su Rai5 giovedì 12 marzo alle 21.15 il concerto che ha segnato il debutto di Daniele Gatti sul podio dell’Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai. In programma l’addio poderoso e struggente di Gustav Mahler alla vita e alla musica: la sua Nona Sinfonia.

Filmed by Rai Cultura at the beginning of January 2020 at the Rai Auditorium “Arturo Toscanini” in Turin, the concert which marked the debut of Daniele Gatti on the podium of the National Symphony Orchestra of the Rai arrives on Rai5 on Thursday 12 March at 9.15 pm Rai. Gustav Mahler’s powerful and poignant farewell to life and music is scheduled: his Ninth Symphony.

The press release fails to mention that the ninth symphony was composed on Italian soil, at Dobbiaco (Toblach) in the Tirol.



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  • On Raiplay on the internet and android tv there’s also a very interisting 9th by the great Carlo Maria Guilini from the 80’s. I regret that there’s so few videos about him. I have seen also a concerto of a young Buchbinder with the Rai orchestra. their vault must be fantastic

  • Toblach was not Italian during Mahler’s lifetime. It officially became part of Italy in 1920. It had been Austrian until then.

  • That’s one way to keep the audience silent during all the quiet, zen-like parts in Mahler 9 (the fourth movment, in particular)

    • A very perspicacious comment, Barry.
      Perhaps concerts should only be presented on TV, and all concert halls should be closed to all people (other than yourself, of course) permanently, so that you may enjoy your “zen-like” Mahler in blessed silence all by yourself.
      And the word is spelled “movement”.

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