Lisette Oropesa: People show more skin, they get more likes

Lisette Oropesa: People show more skin, they get more likes


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2020

The Met’s fastest-rising soprano is the latest to face Zsolt Bognar in Living the Classical Life.

She is wonderfully strraightforward, addressing every question head-on, no matter how personal it might be. ‘My Instagram is a mixture of me in glamorous gowns…. and me sweaty and disgusting from running with no makeup on. On Instagram people show more skin, they get more likes. I’m sorry about that.’

She is wonderfully engaging.




  • Misha says:

    Very engaging, but to me she has problems at the top of her register.

  • Dalledu Alletre says:

    She’s not “the Met’s” anything. She’s an international and fully independent artist, and quite wonderful.

  • R. Brite says:

    Her comments on weight and beauty make a lot of sense, and resemble in many ways the views of Jamie Barton, another singer I find very attractive, even though physically the two are quite different.

  • Hermann the German says:

    I saw/heard her in April 2016 in Munich as Konstanze in Mozart´s Entführung. It was pure joy, together with Pavol Breslik.

  • Gene in Boulder says:

    Her Nannetta from the Met HD broadcast of Falstaff in 2013 was unforgettable. Pure joy!

  • ernestlow says:

    Her Lucia is unforgettable. Let’s hope her Glyndebourne Konstanzes will go ahead …

    • Saxon Broken says:

      Given that deaths in Italy have plateaued, there is a good chance that at least part of the season will go ahead.

  • Emilee says:

    yeah, and?!?

  • Will Wilkin says:

    Very enjoyable to hear and see her speak about so many things, she’s such an awesome singer but now I feel I know a little about who she is as a person…very lovely!