Latest: Yuja cancels Europe

Latest: Yuja cancels Europe


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2020

Yuja Wang has called off an extensive European tour, including London, where all halls are still functioning.

She was due to play the Barbican on March 31.

Message from the Barbie:

We’re sorry to announce that Yuja Wang has cancelled her European recital tour, which included a concert at the Barbican on Tuesday 31 March. Six of Wang’s concerts had been cancelled by venues in mainland Europe in response to restrictions brought in by Governments relating to COVID-19, making it impossible for her to continue the tour. All bookers have been contacted, but we would like to apologise for the disappointment this is likely to cause. Yuja Wang and the Barbican will work to reschedule the concert in the future.

Message from Yuja:


  • asianbabe says:

    Message from the Barbie??? What? Barbie never looked like her (unfortunately)

  • Ron Swanson says:

    The Chinese government is imposing a 14 day quarantine on anyone returning from Europe. The biggest increase of cases in China is from cases brought back in. It’s the metamorphosis of Covid, so to speak.

    • NYMike says:

      Yuja lives on the UWS of Manhattan.

    • Stephen Owades says:

      The United States has just announced a total ban on travel from Europe (except the UK), in Donald Trump’s speech tonight (Wednesday, March 11). Although the parameters are unclear, this would appear to stop US residents and even citizens from returning from Europe. Yuma Wang lives in New York City.

  • M2N2K says:

    Her decision is perfectly understandable. Traveling to and within Europe – especially for a Chinese person – right now is extremely difficult, not to mention riskier than usual – and besides, concert venues keep closing every day.

  • Mick the Knife says:

    Feeling the love, Yuja!

  • Jack says:

    Sounds wise. Places are closing their doors left and right.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    How is attendance at London’s halls these days?

    • Been Here Before says:

      I attended Pierre-Laurent Aimard’s recital at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Tuesday (Beethoven op. 106 & Ives Concord Sonata). The hall was about three quarters full and some people wore masks. Apart from that, it was business as usual. On my way I passed near the Royal Festival Hall and it was filled with people. The only ones wearing masks in London are the Chinese.

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    The Barbican Centre has anounced its closure for the time being, so her concert would have been cancelled anyway. She has given her audience more notice than the Barbican, so she has shown more foresight and so should now received some credit for that.