Katharina Wagner loses key production

The Liceu in Barcelona has joined the list of shutdowns.

First casualty is Katharina Wagner’s new production of Lohengrin. The rehearsals were well advanced, with opening down for next Thursday. The house was more than 90 percent sold.

More here.

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  • She became so fat. And she was truly beautiful when her busy Meistersinger premiered all those years ago!

        • I do not know for sure, but I suppose that if she was simply overeating, she would have, how shall I put it, some “minders” (PR agents, or others) who’d insist that she cuts it down. After all, she’s the public face of a very respected cultural institution.

          • Wagner producers often fall prey to comfort eating since they have to work with and to sit through those very long operas.

    • Oh for God’s sake. How superficial you are give so much attention to her physical appearance. Are you such an Adonis yourself that you can pass judgment on women like this?

      She IS a beautiful woman. She’s 42. Women often gain weight with age. It’s hormonal. Men go bald & get paunchy. She’s a stage director not a film actress. Her looks or how much she weighs have nothing to do with her professional competence.

      Why are women always the ones judged? Why are men exempt from this judgement? We women don’t look at someone like Andres Nilsson and say “He became so fat. He was truly handsome when he first took the job as Boston Symphony’s music director”.

      Look at yourself in the mirror, Mr. Dalledu. Is your own appearance really so flawless that you are in a position to pass judgment on this beautiful woman as you have done?

      • Assuming no one here would comment on her weight to her face – why comment on a forum like this? Perhaps I’m old fashioned but its rude and ungracious. Like or loathe her productions (I’m no fan), she deserves better that superficial judgements on her appearance. We all age – we don’t know what troubles others face which add weight or cause ill health. I hope she has friends who support her and cheer her up, not minders telling her she has to be ‘beautiful’ to do her job. I’m rather more grateful she’s made the on-line ticket process at Bayreuth easier to navigate over the last few years. Cheers.

      • There are lots of comments about Andris Nelsons’ weight here on Slipped-Disc every time he has a picture on the site.

        PS. Keeping the weight down is a way to avoid diabetes (and other health complications).

  • First 3 performances only cancelled at present. I have tickets for the fourth performance but am not optimistic.

  • I dont understand how Wagner fans still go and see her productions! No pity for her. Good that things get closed down, maybe the show will slow down a bit.

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