Just in: Opera Australia must sell assets or go bust

Just in: Opera Australia must sell assets or go bust


norman lebrecht

March 16, 2020

Closure by Coronavirus has placed the company under threat of extinction.

Loss of revenue from this month’s Opera on the Harbour blockbuster means the company must sell one of its properties to survive.

Chief executive Rory Jeffes said: ‘We spent the weekend with legal advisers, financial advisers, etcetera, arriving at the point where I was able to tell the board yesterday we believed we are still solvent and that we can continue to trade. It was as serious as that.’

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  • Elizabeth Hough says:

    All this excessive panic could have been avoided to a substantial degree by enforcing secure international borders for both travelers and immigrants.

    Now people are rapidly loosing their freedoms, financial security and most sadly their lives.

    • Just the facts says:

      Wrong. The virus came in with legal travelers who normally arrive by plane. People who didn’t experience symptoms and didn’t know they had it spread it to others. This virus is invisible to the naked eye. Playing the blame game makes you seem like an ignorant xenophobe.

      Also, the word you really need to learn to spell if you don’t want to be considered subliterate, is “lose/losing/loser.”

      • V.Lind says:

        Unfortunately, the problem has been exacerbated by people who WERE “loosing” their freedom-permitted germs! 🙂

      • Ernesto S. says:

        ATTN: “Just the facts”,

        You need to learn how to READ and LISTEN to others before you spout off your sexist, hateful rants!!!

        She CLEARLY outlined “enforcing secure international borders for B-O-T-H travelers and immigrants.”

        Your SMALL, INSECURE MIND chose to see the word “immigrant” minus the status, immediately get IRRATIONALLY ‘offended’ and show everyone your faux-PC acceptance by using a big word people like you vault out with to compensate for your numerous shortcomings.

        Today, by your people’s standards, EVERY country who is protecting and defending their borders by sealing them EQUALLY, no matter one’s legal status is “xenophobic” including…YOURS!!!!!

        While you are irresponsibly projecting your personal deficiencies on others, people around you are loosing their freedoms, income and LIVES.

        So, ‘WRONG’, you’re the ‘LOSER’ as you too are stuck alone, quarantined in your very own ‘XENOPHOBIC’ country just like everybody else!

        • Troll Control says:

          Here we go with the capitalizations and nonsensical rants. Despite your efforts, your attempts to yell and scold are ineffective.

          Who is “your people” when you say “your people’s standards?” Who is the enemy in your mind? The Dems? The media? China? Are you looking for someone to blame because you know your president botched the U.S. response and lives will be lost because of him?

          Sorry you’re having such a tough time learning how to spell. One more time, the word that exposes you as the same person commenting under different names is LOSE, and its various forms.

          People are not “loosing” their freedoms. Losing or loosening are words, but loosing is not.

          • Edgar Ashe says:

            ‘Troll Control’ is CLEARLY a sexually frustrated RUSSIAN BOT!

            So angry over facts she can’t dispute..

          • Bill Aimes says:

            The men on these threads have more balanced viewpoints dear.

          • Abdul Yasir says:

            Stop your Hillary worship.

            She’s only a woman!

            What can she do now besides drink alone while Bill off dealing with his ‘anxiety’ yet again?

      • Ian says:

        “Europe is closing borders amid coronavirus outbreak. They may be hard to reopen.” -WaPo

        Now you think the EU is clearly ‘a BASKET of XENOPHOBES’ since they too are BLAMING the Chinese Virus “Just the facts”?!?!

    • Mike Schachter says:

      It could most clearly have been avoided by the Chinese government behaving responsibly and honestly 4 months ago.

      • Roger says:

        And the U.S. is most definitely behind the curve with our testing and preparedness.

      • blessings says:

        China just didn’t want to OFFEND anybody.

        WHEW; that would have been catastrophic!

        Praying for fragile Liberal egos….

        • Linda says:

          What the f are you talking about? What do “Liberals” have to do with this? The catastrophe is here, in part because for too long, China and others downplayed the seriousness of this virus.

          • Candice says:

            Of course liberals have no f’ing power Linda!

            So what’s your point?

          • Hi Luan says:

            Mike Schachter is correct. The commie slants created this mess Linda.

            You have NOTHING to contribute as usual.

          • Your puppet master says:

            The commie slants? And your name is Hi Luan? It’s cute how you vacillate between using racist slurs and giving yourself what you think are Jewish, Hispanic or Asian names, sometimes within the same post. No matter what you call yourself, you’re a typical redneck incel.

            I love how your narcissistic buffoon of a leader was caught changing his speech to say Chinese virus instead of Corona virus. We’re all supposed to focus on his racism instead of his incompetence. People will die because of his dithering and lies.

          • Typical Libs says:

            ‘Your puppet master’,

            People across the world are getting sick, dying and loosing their jobs because of THE CHINESE DISEASE!

            You sure don’t see Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Nancy Pelosi DOING ANYTHING CONSTRUCTIVE to help out!!!

            NO, just critical whining or of course shutting up since this is too serious for them to handle like most things.

    • Tom Hase says:

      There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that immigration was a major factor in spreading the virus. In fact, we know the infection chains better than in most other cases, and it is quite clear that mostly tourists and business travellers were responsible for the spreading. Moreover, while it is certainly important to contain the virus, cancelling international flights and quarantining affected areas quickly seems much more efficient than closing international borders and thereby damaging food supply. Of course, all of this only helps if one is also help to test for infections efficiently.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    There are obviously many fates worse than death.

  • Marg says:

    As a Sydney opera goer, this is so distressing. I wish OA the best.