Jonas Kaufmann is docked by Prince Charles

Jonas Kaufmann is docked by Prince Charles


norman lebrecht

March 03, 2020

Message received:

HRH The Prince of Wales today conferred honours to leading names in the international music world at a ceremony held in the Royal College of Music’s (RCM) historic Blomfield Building in South Kensington. … Those honoured today include internationally acclaimed conductor and Music Director of the Royal Opera House Sir Antonio Pappano, who received an honorary doctorate from the College for his remarkable contribution to music. Tenor Jonas Kaufmann also received an honorary doctorate from the RCM today.

Among the individuals made Fellows of the RCM today were Music Director of English National Opera Martyn Brabbins, Grammy-nominated composer, Classic FM’s Composer in Residence and RCM Visiting Professor Debbie Wiseman OBE and Academy-Award-winning composer Rachel Portman OBE. Portman was the first female composer to win an Academy Award in the category of Best Musical or Comedy Score (for Emma in 1996). She was also the first woman to receive the Richard Kirk Award at the BMI Film & TV Awards for her contributions to film and television music.



  • Gustavo says:

    Prestige, at last – after all these bloomin’ ECHO Klassik awards which are worth nothin’!

  • Karl says:

    Please change the headline. Do you know what docking is? DON’T google it on your work computer!

    • RW2013 says:

      I did’t know either, and consulted the Urban Dictionary.
      Can’t imagine them doing it…

    • V.Lind says:

      There appears to be a taste for vulgarity around here. Part of the famous double entendre culture so beloved of the Carry On gang. Some of us outgrow it.

      • RW2013 says:

        I’m always grateful to have my general knowledge and urban vocabulary enhanced, even if only by a SD headline.
        And even knowing what Carry On is ages us immensely.

        • V.Lind says:

          Ever heard of TV? I first found them on occasional Saturday afternoon slots.

          I now occasionally dredge one up online to hearken back to simpler times, when innuendos were innocent. I could just come here, but here they always seem contrived to generate clicks and it takes some of the charm of Carry-On away.

      • Karl says:

        It’s mentioned in the last Deapool movie. You’re not a Deadpool fan? It would make a great opera!

  • V.Lind says:

    I was wondering what the hell “docked” meant in English slang as opposed to all the meanings I am used to inferring from seeing the word. But I finally twigged what you were doing.

    Headline writers…bane of my existence when I was a journalist. xD

    • Elizabeth Owen says:

      It’s a word I’ve never heard. Guess Norman invented it not realising that it was already being used…..elsewhere!

      • V.Lind says:

        Oh, I don’t think he was guessing. He is, after all, a writer.

      • JSP says:

        You appear to have an exceedingly limited vocabulary. Quite apart from the urban dictionary I suggest that you should try looking in any ordinary dictionary – even one from a few decades ago it has late middle English derivations from earlier Dutch and German. Hardly a new word.

  • sam says:

    What’s Charles doing handing out honorary degrees?

    Picking up the slack left by his brother and son. Can’t a granddad retire?

  • Vaquero357 says:

    Ha! Outstanding! That headline got me to click!