Italy gets a delivery of Russian aid

Lola Astanova has a message today: ‘for all the friends in Italy: we are with you and we’ll get through this together!’

Oh, look, she’s wearing a tricolore.

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  • Gosh, she bashes that out without much sensitivity – heaven help us if she decides on a UK sequel whilst wearing a Union Jack dress (a la Spice Girls), or a US version (though that could win her an Einstein scholarship with Trump’s benediction). Putin would be happy.

  • Ok, serious question now: Does she write her own arrangements of these pieces that were not originally written for piano?

    • your comment perhaps suggests that you possibly frequent different venues from the ones I go (have gone) to – have not seen older men with robotic dolls at Covent Garden or Wigmore before, just the live younger sexy Russian / East Euro / Asian / mixed race / black types…. and why not, providing there is respect in those relationships

  • Judging by the comments, gathered here is the saddest group of self-righteous underachievers. You obviously fancy yourselves as “cultured”, but your comments are filled with nothing, but anger and sexual repression. She is just playing the piano, not coming to your house and poisoning your cat. And she is getting a whole new generation of listeners excited about this music. What’s bad about that? You people are beyond pathetic.

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