How can you tell me you’re lonely? Ralph McTell adds new verse

The singer-songwriter has expanded his greatest hit to take in the present isolation.

And here’s the original.


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  • Thank you Ralph! A friend , Liz , and I always sing this along with you when you visit Norwich. Please keep singing this verse so that after this horrific Covid 19 has left our shores we never forget.

    Gill : Norwich

  • What a wonderful voice and beautiful sentiments – thanks Ralph for this as we do need to remember those of our community who have fallen on hard times. Don’t just walk past – buy them some food or a drink (ask first – they don’t bite) if you are reluctant to give money. Treat them as you would want to be treated yourself – we are absolutely all in this together and it’ll still be the same once the covid-19 scare has passed.

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