Here’s one Mozart wrote strictly for the birds

Brilliant realisation by Shakeup Music.

Every single bird gets an end-credit.



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  • *sigh*

    This is actually quite sad in ways. This is when Papageno and Papagena have come together, beyond the whole ridiculous power struggle that caused both Papageno and Pamina to become suicidal from its coercive dehumanizing insensitivity. The Queen of the Night, whose aria was put on a disc and sent into outer space by NASA, and Sarastros and his “brotherhood.”

    This is supposed to be the happiness of starting a simple life with children, but many species of birds are losing habitat at an alarming rate; and to relate it to the essence of what the music represents, it would be more like Papageno and Papagena in order to find such happiness would first have to escape a war zone, which given the the power struggle in the opera, maybe they have done.

    But NOW on this planet, the earth, many species of birds are losing their habitat for having a simple life that would express the beauty of nature which expresses the beauty of creation.

  • Au secours!!
    Is my google account no longer worth anything? The password was entered in July, 2019.
    I simply wanted to forward the three minute “bird opera” to a few friends.

  • The cranes reminded me of the Festival of Perelada, where they are a constant claque to performances – and none the worse for it!

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