First peek at Barrie Kosky’s ‘voyeuristic’ Salome

First peek at Barrie Kosky’s ‘voyeuristic’ Salome


norman lebrecht

March 04, 2020

The Australian director is working in Frankfurt with a Canadian Salome, Ambur Braid.

The headline adjective is Barrie’s. Ambur calls her character ‘twisted’.

The conductor Joana Mallwitz says it has invaded her dreams.

photo © Monika Rittershaus / Opera Frankfurt


  • John Borstlap says:

    A production without context, without background, without decor. But it looks ridiculous, not only Jokanaan but also the middleclass king and queen, and ms Salome ‘as teenager’.

    Mr Kosky is wrong to conclude that Ms Salome is not crazy but that she really loves Jokanaan. From everything in the plot it clearly appears that she is crazy, like everybody else in the play, except the page.

    Mr Kosky claims that he does not want to suggest to the audience where this work is about. But he does so with his approach, he does not want to serve the work but to let the work serve the director, the usual postwar convention.

    One can produce Salome with mere suggestions instead of a full-colour lavish stage. But this quasi-minimalist staging does not seem to catch the nature of the work.

    • Luke says:

      Thanks for posting this link. Can’t imagine why anyone would click thumbs down on it. While I am not fluent in Dutch the photos and cast names make it very easy to understand which recordings are being mentioned. Just wanted to let you know someone appreciates your sharing this information.

  • Bruce says:

    This Ambur Braid person sounds amazing. Can’t really tell how well the production works from the disjointed video clips, but even if it’s terrible, it might be worth sitting through it just to hear her sing.

  • Cynical Bystander says:

    Either Christopher Maltman is wearing a fat suit or the buffed and toned Barihunk has gone the way of the rest of us, sadly saggy.

  • Iain Scott says:

    Looks fabulous.

  • Alan says:

    Should we be worried about his ‘Ring’ st Covent Garden?
    Asking for a friend!